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Új típusú, facetectomiát nem igénylõ lumbalis intervertebralis cage

Internal Fixation of Ankle Fractures with Gripper Plate

Új típusú, facetectomiát nem igénylõ lumbalis intervertebralis cage 2006.12.13.

Dr.Takáts Lajos, a Markusovszky Kórház Idegsebészeti Osztály fõorvosának a Magyar Gerincgyógyászati Társaság 2006. évi Tudományos Ülésén, Bükfürdõn elhangzott elõadása.

Az elõadás címe: Új típusú, facetectomiát nem igénylõ lumbalis intervertebralis cage unilateralis alkalmazása rutin discectomiát követõen.

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Internal Fixation of Ankle Fractures with Gripper Plate 2005.05.31.

Open Reduction of Lateral Ankle Fractures and Internal Fixation with the Gripper Plate

Authors: György Berentey, József Feczkó, András Sárváry
Department of Traumatology, Semmelweis Medical University, Péterfy General Hospital, Budapest, Hungary

Published in: Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Vol. 3. (1994), pp. 114-121.


Ankle fractures are one of the most common fractures of the lower limb. Only an anatomical reduction of these intaarticular fractures will assure a good result. The fibula is the key element in this reduction as it prevents a lateral shift of the talus. This is particularly true for Type B fractures according to Weber, and well documented in patients with bimalleolar fractures in whom local soft tissue conditions permitted an open reduction and internal fixations of the lateral malleolus only.Nike Shoes Factory Outlet

According to the Weber Classification Type B lateral malleolus fractures are located at the level of the syndesmosis. The distal fragment is often so small that in instances of plate fixation the most distal of the 2 screws inserted into the distal fragment has to be placed into the tip of the lateral malleolus. Comminuted fractures and osteoporosis make the osteosynthesis with commonly used plates more difficult.

A posterior positioning of the plate was recommended to counteract the tendency of external rotation of the distal fragment.

We believe that the placement of plates close to the fibular tendons is not advisable.

For these reasons we developed in 1975 the so-called Gripper Plate (Technomed, Hungary), an implant easy to use for lateral malleolus fractures. The Gripper Plate adapts well to the anatomical contour of the lateral malleolus and permits a stable fixation of the main distal fragment thanks to 4 prongs and 1 screw. One of the prongs is anterior, 1 distal and 2 posterior. Three or 4 holes in the proximal part of the plate permit fixation to the fibular shaft. Since the plate is contoured, plates for the left or right fibula are available.

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